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Our instructors are experts in tackling standardized admission test questions, and they can teach you the tricks, shortcuts, and strategies so you can improve your SAT Score.We base our curriculum on official test questions. From topic-by-topic lessons to in-depth review sessions, we’ve got you covered.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available 9TH GRADE SHSAT PREP ELA has been a crucial part of students’ academic journey by the time they are studying for the 9th grade SHSAT. The 9th-grade SHSAT tasks students with applying their skills to more advanced passages and concepts in order to show critical thinking skills. By taking our 9th-grade SHSAT prep course, you’ll be able to gain the tools needed to crush the advanced reading section of the exam. Consider whether sentences are redundant or can be more concise, and learn how to actively read. You’ll also learn how to make educated guesses that are never wrong! With our reading comprehension tips, you’ll be able to navigate the 9th-grade SHSAT reading section with ease. Even those who are weaker at ELA will gain the catch-up skills needed to ace this important section of the exam.
event_available SAT PREP SAT reading is all about finding the correct evidence quickly. Our reading techniques will help you tackle difficult reading passages and effectively find supporting details. Tackle all questions types – Main Idea, theme, data analysis, Focus-Shift, Word Choice, Inference, and Line evidence. Don’t understand how to read Informational graphics, such as tables, graphs, and charts that come with the passages? No worries — our SAT reading techniques got your back.
event_available SHSAT PREP Learn how to master the four types of questions on the SHSAT English Language Arts Section: global, detail, inference, and function. We teach students to build up their reading stamina and recognize patterns and traps laid out by test writers. We equip students with the tools needed to read carefully, avoid assumptions, create effective annotations and summaries, and find keywords.




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