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We are here to make a difference!

We will build your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Your child will become more motivated to put effort and energy into learning.

We can give your child new skills.

Your child can learn to enjoy school.

Your child will have more options open to them when they leave school.

First lesson is completely free

The first lesson is completely FREE. We spend an hour with you and your child and carefully look at your child's skills (strengths and weaknesses). We then discuss your child’s needs with you and talk with you about the options and opportunities that we see for your child.

Tailored to your child’s needs

We don’t just put your child into a pre-existing program. Instead, we build an individual learning program for them based on their needs. We regularly assess your child's progress and re-tailor the curriculum to suit. That's why we are so effective and that's why we see great results.

Helping children succeed

We are here to help your child succeed. We believe that every child deserves to reach their full potential and each child deserves to enjoy the high level of confidence that comes with improved skills. It's never too early or too late to make a difference in a child's learning.

Students who are struggling

We are very keen to help students who have a low self-image, poor self-esteem or an expectation of future failure. We are committed to working with children when others have given up on them - and especially when they've given up on themselves. With the right help these students can rediscover the motivation, optimism and determination to develop their skills and believe in their own potential.

Students who are already succeeding

Some students don't come to us because they are struggling. Sometimes children are doing well in school but are just 'cruising' through school and need extra challenge and motivation. We assist these children with a goal-setting program and then stretch them so they become motivated to fulfil their full potential rather than just 'taking it easy'.

Equipping parents

Parent tutoring is available for parents who want hands-on involvement. We encourage and assist parents by teaching them ways to effectively help their own child at home, and equip parents with materials and activities to ensure the learning children do with us can continue through the week. Often parents really want to help their own children - so we gladly train them in the skills they need to do this effectively.

We love helping kids get back on track at school... and in life. :)

Big Improvements Tutoring offers a caring, helpful approach to Maths and English tutoring for Canberra and Sydney Primary and High School students.

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