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BMH Tutors in Birmingham provide a comprehensive private tuition service in West Midlands, for children and young teenagers. Whether you have a child that has fallen behind and needs a boost to catch up, or maybe you want to stretch the capabilities of your gifted child, Private Tutors Birmingham can tailor to your specific needs and to the needs of your child. We believe that every child can achieve and every child can succeed, irrespective of their age or ability. BMH Tutors West Midlands exists to tap your child’s potential.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Math If your child is having difficulties in maths, then Private BMH Tuition in Birmingham is the answer. Our development programme is aimed at students aged 6 – 16. It is crucial for your child that any maths difficulties are identified and addressed early. As part of their progression, students need a thorough understanding of the basics in maths tuition Birmingham, and our tutors create a positive learning environment that encourages natural achievement.
event_available English The development of good English language skills is crucial for success at school and Higher Education. BMH Tutors in Birmingham provides English tutoring for students who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension and writing. A free initial assessment is given to each student in order to identify areas of weakness and where development needs to be concentrated. This results in an individual learning programme for that student in English Tuition.
event_available 11+ Grammar 11+ Grammar School Entrance Exams The 11+ examinations are split into: The BMH Tutors English tutoring programme consists of activities to develop attributes such as: Verbal Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning Maths English (Reading comprehension/literacy skills)
event_available GCSE's All the subject areas - English, maths and science (physics, chemistry and biology) are taught by qualified and experienced tutors in preparation for GCSEs in years 10 and 11.
event_available AS and A2 levels Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught by qualified and experienced tutors in preparation for AS and A2 examinations in years 12 and 13. Tutors at BMH Tutors have a thorough understanding of the coursework and examination requirements for all of the AS and A2 examination boards.




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AS and A2 levels Math 11+ Grammar Chemistry Science Biology Physics Mathematics English GCSE's