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Founded in 1985, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics offers two educational facilities in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware serving the diverse educational needs of over 20,000 students in DE, MD, and PA. The area’s leader in 1-on-1 personalized tutoring for pre-K through college-age students and adults, Back to Basics provides instruction in 60+ subjects, the most comprehensive range of subjects available. Back to Basics also operates Augustine Hills School, Delaware’s only Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 Private School. With a cap of only 15 students per year, K-12. Augustine Hills School provides personalized tutoring, customized instruction, and self esteem building to those who need one to three academic years in a non-traditional environment. High school students earn credits and seniors graduate with a diploma. Back to Basics is state-certified through the Delaware Department of Education as a Private Business and Trade School for ages 16 and older. Courses are conducted 1-on-1 and include accounting, life skills, ASVAB & GED test preparation and English as a second language.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Psychoeducational Testing Tests include : - I.Q. - Academic Achievement Levels (by grade level and age level) - Visual-Motor - Learning Disability and Giftedness Screening - Attention Deficit Disorder Screening (ADD Testing, ADHD Testing) - Verbal and Visual Memory - Visual and Auditory Perception.
event_available High School Entrance Exams (HSEE) Many private high schools require students to complete a High School Entrance Exam (HSEE) for acceptance, placement and even to determine scholarship eligibility. These schools include but are not limited to Tower Hill, Tatnall, Wilmington Friends, Sanford, Ursuline Academy, Salesianum, Caravel Academy and more. Test prep in Delaware can help. Back to Basics’ experienced tutors provide tutoring prep specifically designed around each school’s testing criteria. We provide a thorough review of test content, test-taking strategies and test timing for the exam along with essay prompts. Students will receive several practice tests, as well.
event_available Adult Education - Tutoring in home, school, office and our two centers - 20+ Foreign Languages - 60+ subjects offered - Organization and Time Management Skills - Business Writing - Computer Skills - English Language Learning (ELL) - Accounting - Basic Math - Life Skills.
event_available Summer Programs
event_available Compliance Training - Sexual Harassment Training - Diversity Training - Active Shooter Training - HIPAA Training.
event_available 1-on-1 Tutoring Approach Back to Basics’ 1-on-1 tutoring in Wilmington, Maryland, and southeastern Pennsylvania provides maximum benefits by increasing knowledge of subject matter and building self-esteem. Tutors are placed with students in a standing schedule. The student has the same tutor each session, thus building a rapport and knowledge of teaching and learning styles.
event_available Achieve Testing Achieve is a program designed to measure how students are meeting the standards of their current grade. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the individual student. Achieve provides multiple-choice assessments for grades 1-12 in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, and selective grade levels for Science and Social Studies. Once a student has taken the Achieve, the tutor will identify areas of weakness and develop tutoring goals for the student that will address weaknesses in the identified areas.
event_available Educational consulting An educational consultant is often necessary when parents are considering making transitions between schools, or when students are experiencing difficulties with academics or social settings. When parents are confused by the vast amount of education lingo and there are numerous decisions to be made regarding their child’s immediate and long-term future—this is the time to call in a seasoned professional to answer questions and perhaps act as an advocate for your child.
event_available SAT and ACT Test Prep Our in-demand, experienced tutors will provide a completely customized approach focusing on the specific needs of each student. Students will build and strengthen their knowledge, reduce anxiety, and increase confidence every step of the way towards pursuing their college goals! Our students have increased their scores as much as 250 points on the SAT and several points on the ACT.




Educational consulting Psychoeducational Testing Social Studies High School Entrance Exams (HSEE) Science Compliance Training SAT and ACT Test Prep Achieve Testing English Summer Programs Adult Education 1-on-1 Tutoring Approach SAT Prep Mathematics
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