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Robotics Engineering is a multi-disciplinary program involving the fields of Mechanical, Electronics, Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Robotics Education is a powerful tool to keep students interested and motivated in learning technology, computers, maths, science, physics, engineering and even art. It assists students to develop creativity, work collaboratively, become innovative thinkers and learn real world problem solving skills with advanced practical technologies. Arobot provides educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds in stimulating technological endeavors. profile

Imagine yourself as a robotics engineer and you can do. Skills required..

• Design ROBOTS & Research work on robotics applications in various fields.

• Test robots for defects after manufacturer's assembly & trouble shoot to determine robot malfunctions, using knowledge of microprocessors, programmable controllers, electronics, circuit analysis, mechanics, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

Train other technicians to operate, program, repair and service robots Change is life. Robot a division of BABA Research Centre, where BABA stands for Basic to Advance in Building Automation. In BABA Resarch Centre we provide solution in Automation, Academics & Application. Arobot being Jack of all kinds deals with a robotic Research and Development, Technology Consulting, Robotics education and consumer product manufacturing company. In Association with Dr.Prahlad Vadakkepat, Robhatah, National University of Singapore, M.K. Swaminathan, Chief Mentor & CEO of BABA Research Centre founded Arobot in Singapore. We aims to foster positive experiences with Robotics and current technology. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities in STEM fields and..

Motivates students to pursue a career in STEM disciplines and enhancing students problem solving skills through learning approach which strengthens and provides self-confidence of the students.

We hope to build interest and self confidence among elementary, high school and college students with summer and weekend workshops as well as robotics competitions on multiple levels.

Robotics Engineering is a multi-disciplinary program involving the fields of Mechanical, Electronics, Automotive(ADAS) Marine, AI, Robotics