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There are many options out there for supplementary learning, but only Applied Tutoring offers extended, flexible and cost-effective access to University PhDs, Graduate Students, Campus Facilities, Course Study Guides, Remote Scheduling-and-Payment, and Distance -Learning Solutions. Our services have been endorsed by The University of Alabama’s Faculty and hailed as “invaluable” by our current students because we:

· Explain and break down complicated classroom lectures

· Reinforce and supplement missed or forgotten lectures

· Draft and work through practice tests in the days leading up to the exam

· Schedule one-on-one sessions and even house calls for added support

· Provide a comfortable, professional and noise-free atmosphere for group Test Prep Sessions

· Work with parents via preliminary consultations and flexible payment methods

Applied Tutoring LLC is Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s premier Tutoring and Test Preparation Service for students in High School, College, and Graduate School.

Applied Tutoring is Tuscaloosa's premiere tutoring service. We hire only the best tutors for both personal tutoring and study hall tutoring.

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