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Aperio Consulting Group empowers you and your team to reach your potential. We use behavioral sciences like psychology, neuroscience, and more to understand human behavior. Then we supercharge our work with the latest in human-centered AI.The right person in the right role working in the right system has a ripple effect. When work works, when puzzle pieces come together, we have the power to spark innovation and positive change. We believe we can do well and do good—and bring our renewed potential to other areas of our lives.We measure results on every project. With an engineering mindset and a designer’s sensitivity, Aperio establishes benchmarks, checkpoints, and adapts its tactics as needed. To measure behavior preferences, traits, skills, and more, we use a psychometrics assessments—all of which are empirically validated. These tools reveal what is often hidden: the reasons, patterns, and possibilities of human behavior.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Diagnostic Culture Scan Organizational health and employee growth should enable growth, not stall or inhibit it. Aperio’s diagnostic culture scan assesses the core components of an organization’s health and provides leadership with an objective, actionable analysis of the organization’s current state. Aperio takes a holistic approach to coaching executives by focusing on the leader and the system that surrounds them. To start, we use empirically validated assessments to diagnose behavioral habits that need changing or improvement. Then we cultivate an individual’s growth by including feedback and input of key stakeholders who provide accountability and feedback. The end result is long-term, measurable change that makes you, your people, and your organization stronger. Manage. Lead . Team Training.
event_available Products At Aperio, we merge behavioral science with breakthroughs in AI to figure out which habits, traits, and behaviors impact your bottom line. We pair our knowledge from decades of fieldwork with technological advancements. The result is a cutting-edge approach to decision science: We leverage findings from behavioral science (psychology, neuroscience, sociology) to capture rich, multi-faceted data about every layer of the organization–individuals, teams and systems; We transform data into insights by using feature extraction and classification algorithms to identify the critical factors and separate the signal from the noise; We provide you with the predictive power to anticipate what your company will need next; We enhance decision science through a human-AI partnership in which computers process data and synthesize information and humans apply critical thinking, draw insights, and take action;




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