Aloha Abacus Learning - Brain Development Program for Kids
Ahmedabad, India
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ALOHA Gujarat is a noted subsidiary Master Franchise in the state. Launched in June, 2004 by Mr. Tushar Kansagara, Aloha Gujarat stands at par hosting more than 350 franchises and successfully catering nearly 150,000 students across the state, which is highest for any state in India. Mr. Tushar Kansagara, MD Aloha Gujarat is a recipient of Zhusan Promoters Award for his outstanding performance by a governor of Zhejiang province China in 2006. Aloha Gujarat is also the recipient of the Best Franchisors Award in 2010 and provides Web based ERP support to franchises across the state. In 2006, Aloha Gujarat hosted its first National Level Competition, wherein the students of Gujarat fetched 68 prices out of 104, which is again the highest number of prices won by any state across India. Again in the year 2009, 4600 students participated in the National Competition Event hosted by Aloha Gujarat along with a massive crowd of 7000 persons gathered to witness the Award Ceremony. It also hosts state level competition for students of Gujarat annually.

Aloha Gujarat was awarded with the Zhusuan promoter award 2006 by the government of china Authority in May’06 at Hangzhou, China.

Aloha Gujarat is a holistic mental development process based on mental arithmetic system. Our abacus, mental math program for the age group 4-14 years, focuses on holistic brain development.