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Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
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Here at Al-Kitab College we support and cater to your child's educational needs.

Catering for (K-12) with the following subjects:





It isn't only answers and questions. it's the strategy in between every pause after a question is asked and before the answer is given. Those little moments, the smallest conversations, the longest or shortest explanations, they are what live on in a child's education.

Let us help create a better future and provide your child with the support they need...

Knowing that we can help is what motivated us to open our tutoring center in the first place!

we are all about making the difference in a student's life to find that extra potential to succeed. it's about excelling and becoming the best you can be!!

AlBayan Institute is an educational institute dedicated to educating the Muslim community by promoting the importance & application of an Islamic lifestyle.