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AchievementLearningCenter(founded in 1998) offers tutoring programs built on proven principals in education. The instructional design of each program is based on the specific needs of each learner, and great attention is devoted to developing individualized strategies that will lead the learner to success. Our highly interactive curriculum in the areas of early reading , reading comprehension , writing and mathfocuses on meeting the needs of students lacking in basic skills, as well as providing a challenge for students excelling above grade level. Additionally, our study skillsand homework successprograms identify behaviors conducive to optimal learning, including organizational and time management strategies.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Early Reading Program It's our goal to equip students with the necessary tools and motivation to become successful readers. Reading is the most important skill required for success in life – it really is fundamental. In our Early Reading Program, students are taught to read independently through the use of a systematic approach. In this approach, students are taught sounds and the importance of blending sounds into words. For phonics instruction to work, it needs to be systematic… it cannot start somewhere in the middle. Our program teaches letter knowledge and phonemic awareness, or an understanding that letters represent sounds, by techniques that are meaningful and interactive.
event_available Reading Comprehension Program In our Reading Comprehension Program, we focus on assisting students in strategically comprehending written information. The instructional design of each program is based on the specific needs of each learner. Great attention is given to helping students develop strategies for constructing meaning from print, as well as strategies that extend their understanding and enjoyment of reading. We strengthen students’ abilities in areas such as summarization, characterization, predicting events and techniques to improve their ability to think and respond at higher levels. Through engaging literacy experiences, all students are taught strategies for making the best use of the text they read.
event_available Writing Program The Writing Program at Achievement Learning Center is designed to help students primarily understand the process and tools used for authorship. In this program, we focus on helping students think about the stages a writer goes through to clearly communicate a message. Students gain an understanding of how an author paints pictures of words and ideas in the reader’s mind. Understanding these processes helps students develop as authors themselves.
event_available 6th-8th (Middle School) Skill Boosters Program READING , WRITING , MATH .
event_available Mathematics Program The mathematics curriculum is a highly interactive program that enables students to develop a solid foundation in the basic concepts and language of all areas of math including algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. The curriculum is comprehensive and fully correlated to mastery standards, as well as state and nationally adopted textbooks. In order to successfully understand math concepts, we must build on prior learning, therefore it is essential to begin each students’ plan based on what the student knows.
event_available Study Skills Program The study skills program offered at Achievement Learning Center is designed for students in grades four through twelve. Students are often told that they need to use their time more effectively, to take better notes in class, to do their homework, and to study better for tests. However, they are not often told how to do these things. The program at Achievement Learning Center is meant to teach an understanding of why study skills are important.
event_available Homework Success Program School doesn’t always go as smoothly as students and parents would like. Frustration can quickly mount when students don’t understand a concept encountered during homework, or don’t feel they know how to prepare for an upcoming test. What can be distressing for a parent, is to have a child suddenly not understanding a subject that has always come easy. Furthermore, students that are challenged with maintaining organization of their materials, as well as deficiencies with successfully planning for quizzes, tests and projects can constantly feel behind. At Achievement Learning Center, we understand these concerns. "Homework Success" is the ideal supplement for a student who feels unsuccessful in a particular school course.
event_available K-5th Skill Boosters Program READING , WRITING , MATH .
event_available 9th-12th (High School) Skill Boosters Program MATH , READING , WRITING , SAT/ACT PREP .
event_available SAT/ACT Prep program It is our goal with our SAT/ACT program to help students prepare physically and mentally for the test and to understand and be able to use the scores as a means of enhancing the school-to-college transition. Our comprehensive 8 hour SAT/ACT preparatory course is designed to cover all objectives on the exams in a small, individualized setting. Our program uses a variety of teaching materials, consisting of primarily direct instruction along with computer assisted enrichment.




Geometry Study Skills Program Calculus Trigonometry K-5th Skill Boosters Program SAT/ACT Prep program Early Reading Program Mathematics Program Homework Success Program Reading Comprehension Program Writing Program Algebra 6th-8th (Middle School) Skill Boosters Program 9th-12th (High School) Skill Boosters Program Mathematics