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Academics Plus is an education group focused on understanding each child's learning profile in order

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event_available School placement Finding the right school environment for your child can be overwhelming, especially in a city such as Atlanta where we are blessed with seemingly endless options, both public and private. For parents of children with learning challenges, it can be even more confusing as they seek to find an environment that will best serve their child’s specific needs and set them on the path to success.
event_available After School Skill Building Our After School Skill Building program is designed to target learning challenges and develop individualized strategies so that all students can succeed in the classroom. Our team provides cognitive and educational therapy in order to attend to psycho-educational and socio-emotional goals, as well as academic goals.
event_available Transition Program Our Transition Program operates as part of our learning center and is a one-on-one homeschool-like environment designed for students who may need more targeted, individualized instruction or have experienced a trauma that has caused them to miss time in their regular school setting. The goal of our program is to strengthen and develop the cognitive processes necessary for learning so that students can rebuild their academic stamina and return to a mainstream classroom as a more teachable student.
event_available Math Our Learning Checkup™ provides you with a general understanding of your child’s math competency level. If you would like a detailed analysis of each math skill we recommend that you add on our Math Checkup. The Math Checkup provides you with in depth analysis that identifies areas of strength and weakness as well as gaps in your child’s math foundations. The cost of the Math Checkup is $495 and includes written materials, administration of the evaluation, and a written report.
event_available Executive Functioning Academy With years of experience partnering with Atlanta-based families, educators, admissions teams, educational psychologists, and learning specialists, Academics Plus recognizes a profound need in our community for executive functioning services for students. With excitement Academics Plus is proud to announce the Executive Functioning Academy, a membership-based, comprehensive student success program that will provide EF coaching integrated with academic support.
event_available Kindergarten Readiness Program Establishing strong learning skills and habits early in childhood is key to building lasting academic success, and preventing the frustration of learning challenges later along the educational path. Our Kindergarten Readiness program is designed for children in preschool and kindergarten to help build strong foundations. The one-on-one instruction we provide creates teachable, confident students, ready to thrive in any academic setting.




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