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Our Mission

To create an education-first space where curious students find a supportive community and fantastic teachers can share their passion for language.

Our Story

Rachel Meyer and Elizabeth Zackheim started ABC Languages to right some of the wrongs of their own language learning trajectory. Rachel and Elizabeth are native English speakers now fluent in several languages and know the dos (and don’ts) of learning a new language with confidence. Using the knowledge they’ve acquired as expert educators, they’ve created a school built on the foundation that effective language learning should be fun, social, inspirational, and accessible. ABC Languages was founded in New York City in 1998 as a place where Rachel and Elizabeth could share their decades of learning and teaching experience with eager learners. Starting with just 4 classes in 2 languages, ABC Languages is now one of the nation’s leading language institutions, with classes in over 20 languages in New York, the Bay Area, and online.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available Arabic Welcome to ABC Languages! Whether your dream is to shop for spices in Morocco, seal business deals in Dubai, or watch that guilty pleasure Egyptian romance without subtitles, we have the perfect Arabic class for you!
event_available American Sign Language Welcome to ABC Languages! American Sign Language (ASL) is the native language of almost a million people and a second language for millions more, and our talented teachers are here to help you perfect your signs and syntax. Whether your dream is to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing friends and family, pursue a career as an interpreter, or learn more about deaf culture and ASL’s fascinating history, we have a class that’ll help you achieve your goals.




Languages Known

Arabic American Sign Language
location_on Westchester/Fairfield/NJ