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ABA English is the leading Digital Academy in English learning, pioneering the Human Digital Learning approach. ABA English stands out for its unique methodology, which combines technology, pedagogy, and interactions with real teachers. Our mission is to guide students in their learning journey and empower them with the most effective tools so that they can achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Headquartered in Barcelona, our talented team is composed of 60 professionals from 20 countries. ABA English was recognized as “Best Educational App” at the Reimagine Education awards and has been featured by Apple and Google as one of the top educational apps.

Courses/Programs offered

event_available FIRST CERTIFICATE TEST In today’s changing and competitive world, learning English is a key factor for personal, academic, and/or professional development. If you want to better position yourself and open the door to a world of opportunities, it’s essential to have at least a B2 or upper-intermediate level.
event_available THE CAE TEST It’s also important for you to take a CAE test, like the one offered by ABA English, to verify your knowledge level. This will allow you to take the next step and make a decision that could be a turning point in your personal, academic, and/or professional life.
event_available ENGLISH - A1 – Beginners - A2 – Lower Intermediate - B1 – Intermediate - B2 – Upper Intermediate - B2/C1 – Advanced - C1 – Business.
event_available CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH TEST The Cambridge test is one of the most prestigious in the world. Without a doubt, it’d be very worthwhile for you to prepare yourself thoroughly for this official exam so that you can achieve the best results.
event_available IELTS TEST ABA English offers you a free online test so that you can have a clear idea of your skills before taking the official IELTS test. With innovative technology as well as fun and personalized content, we’ll help you successfully pass your next exam.
event_available APTIS TEST The Aptis practice test (online) from ABA English is aligned with the Aptis General and will serve as a way to practice and as a way to get perspective on both your level and your knowledge of the main topics included in the official test. This will allow you to prepare efficiently and strengthen any weaknesses.
event_available PET TEST If you’re interested in the PET test, you’re probably already familiar with the Cambridge exams. The B1 Preliminary (PET), as its name suggests, corresponds to the B1 level of the CEFR. An intermediate level like this implies that you’re able to perform well in a work, academic, or recreational environment in an English-speaking country.
event_available KET CAMBRIDGE TEST The A2 Key, formerly called the KET and still recognized as such by most, is the most basic Cambridge exam for adults. According to that same institution, it’s the gateway to begin learning English. It corresponds to the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and implies that you can communicate in English in simple, everyday situations.